Permanent bracelets Prague

Wear your love on your wrist with a permanent bracelet.

We speak ENGLISH!

Permanent bracelets are a unique way to express your style and show friendship or love. We carry a selection of silver 925 and 14k gold, in different styles and thicknesses.

Please make an appointment. If you do not see a suitable time, contact us and we will try to accommodate you. We can do last minute appointments or work outside our usual hours, if you contact us!

All our employees speak English. Other languages some of our staff speak are Spanish, German, French, and Russian.

We also made a FREE guide to our neighbourhood, featuring landmarks in the area :) 

Online booking

Price list


Bracelet - 1000kč 

Anklet - 1400kč

(For couples or groups of 2+, silver bracelets are 900kč per bracelet.)


Bracelet - 4500/5000/6000kč depending on the style

Anklet - 5500/6000/7000

(For couples or groups discount 500kč from total price of gold.)

silver charms - 2D from 500kč, from 700kč including engraving, 3D from 700

gold charms - from 1500  (including engraving)

How to get to us?

By tram:

By metro:

Station Vltavská (Red line) and then:

By car:

If you are having any trouble finding us, you can call us on Instagram. We will be happy to help. :)


Veletržní 47


170 00 Praha 7


This is the entrance.

We also offer charms for your permanent bracelets!

We offer both charms we have in stock and the option to order a custom charm - for customs please get in touch in advance. It can be dangling (like in the picture) or a part of the bracelet. 

Please mention it when booking, that you would like a charm. For more pictures of charms - check out our instagram @permanentninaramky

We can engrave letters or symbols onto flat charms. We can also make custom shapes, use diamonds or other gemstones, or add beads.

What are permanent bracelets?

Permanent bracelets are jewelry items that are intended to be worn permanently, rather than being removed and replaced like traditional bracelets. Permanent bracelets can be worn for personal expression, as a symbol of commitment or loyalty, or as a reminder of an important event or person. 

Permanent jewelry is a piece of jewelry, such as bracelet or anklet, that is measured for perfect fit, then micro-welded. It is completely painless, we secure the chain to the wrist, and then we press the tiny jump-ring closed, creating a permanently, latch-free bracelet. If it comes time to take off our permanently-attached bracelet, you can either use a small pair of scissors to clip the chain from the jump ring, or heavy-duty kitchen scissors. The bracelets can be soldered back on again, should you decide to do so! 

One of Tiktok's most popular viral jewelry trends, a forever permanent bracelet is an ultimate symbol of friendship, love, commitment, and much more. This trend has been getting lots of popularity among girlfriends, moms and daughters, or couples. Whether you are getting one for a romantic partner, best friend, family member, or simply for yourself.

Where to review us?

We hope you are happy with your new permanent bracelet!

First and foremost we would appreciate a review on Google Maps. You can also send us pictures of your bracelets, we would love to feature them on the website!

We would love it if you tagged us on Instagram @permanentninaramky, you can also use the tag #permanentbraceletprague 


Do I have to make an appointment? Can I just swing by?

Yes! Please use online booking. If you don't see a suitable time, call or DM us on Instagram to check with us. We can usually take you in last minute/same day, but please contact us - otherwise we cannot guarantee that we will be in the studio and ready to do the appointment. 

What materials do you use?

We use silver 925 and 14k gold (585).

What if my bracelet breaks?

It's not common for the chain to break, but it is not indestructible and anything can happen. That's why we offer a one year warranty, if it accidentally breaks, we will repair your permanent bracelet for you for free. Does not apply if you decide to cut the bracelet off.

Does it hurt?

No, you will not feel anything.

Do we have to choose the style of the chain in advance

No. You can choose in person at the studio, you can also change your mind whether you want silver or gold. 

Can I pay by card

We are currently cash only. The nearest ATM is across the street in the mall :)

Can I pay in euros? 

We strongly prefer crowns, but if you must then you can, if you have the exact amount.